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“Jaye is a consummate professional who constantly strives to make the work as polished and refined as possible. His attention to detail is commendable, and oftentimes even helps the team look out for things that they may have overlooked. His input is always well-appreciated in not just the technical department, but in all aspects of the work. It is always an easy and enjoyable experience working with him, no matter how tough the project is. Physically, his skinniness and height helps tremendously as well when we have to shoot in certain uncomfortable positions! When it comes to the visuals, I barely have to worry when he is around as he has an astute understanding of what the director and even the clients are trying to achieve, and adds his own flair whenever possible without disrupting the overall vision.”

- Alan Cai, Film Director


“When it comes to cinematography, Jaye has a natural talent for uncovering a deep poetic beauty from the most of ordinary of subjects. The subject matter we worked on were very diverse, and ranged from historical villages to high-tech plants and even some of the most ambitious construction projects of our time. Regardless of working environment (and the inevitable changes that comes with making documentaries), Jaye adapts quickly but calmly to the physical and creative challenges of every shoot, always making the effort to go the extra mile for the shot. Apart from his cinematography, Jaye is also an immensely enjoyable and down-to-earth person to work with, and brings a much needed positive energy to an often high strung work environment on set.”

- Dixie Chan, Producer / Director

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“Jaye Neo is an exceptional talent - a real treat to work with both professionally and personally! His unique mix of technical skill and creative ingenuity results in images that are as precise as they are stunning. We've worked together on a number of projects with vastly different styles and formats. In each case, Jaye has been able to take big ideas about story, content, and tone and shape them into a clear and cohesive visual approach for the film. His dedication to realizing this vision is absolute. Despite the curveballs that get thrown at us during production, Jaye works well under pressure, able to achieve his vision through focus, dedication, and creative problem-solving. Beyond this, Jaye is a delight to work with. His calm demeanour and openness helps put interview subjects at ease and his deft sense of humour makes for a fun, and upbeat tone on set. It's always great working with Jaye, and I look forward to our next project together!

- Dylan Reibling, Film Director


“I'm a sound recordist based in Shanghai, China. I have known and worked with Jaye for more than six years. The first time working with Jaye was on a documentary and I thought: “Wow, can he get all the angles he needs?” because I thought his height may limit his movements. But the fact proved I was worrying too much. Jaye would hold his camera in his arms just like how a father would hold his precious baby. Since then we worked together on several Discovery documentaries in China. Jaye has been a solid cameraman onset, and a bright friend who has a great sense of humor to travel with during the shoots. He is the DP you don't want to miss!“

- Cloud Wang | 王志斌,

Location Sound Recordist | 录音师

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“As a series producer and filmmaker, I have worked with Jaye on a diverse array of projects ranging from documentaries for international broadcasters to TVCs for agencies and even music videos. Some of the work we have done together include Discovery Channel’s one-off special, Warriors of Wood And Stone, CCTV 10’s Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, National Geographic’s Celebration Nation as well as Kodak’s 2018 In Sight TVC campaign. Each time, regardless of the genre or the conditions under which we operate in, Jaye shines as a consummate craftsman and artist with an eye for visual story telling. As a storyteller, Jaye is always aware of what helps make a good narrative and he is highly adaptable, whether in a studio setting or out in extreme terrain.”

- Kenny Png, Producer / Director


“我从 2015 年开始跟 Jaye [捷] 合作,接连几个大案子都是我们一起完成。对我来说,他不仅是专 业的工作伙伴,也是可信赖的朋友。作为一位专业的摄影师和摄影指导,他具有很好的理解 能力并且能够很快地把导演想要的构思具像化,用令人惊艳的说故事和构图能力将内容以视 觉呈现—美感和叙事兼具,大大地为作品加分。另外,他的领导能力也非常强,和导演沟通 后,他能很迅速地整理出脉络并且将工作分配给其他摄影师,确保大家明白自己的任务并且 彻底执行。有他在的团队,和谐有效率,大家都能拿出最大的工作热情,一起把作品完成。 有 Jaye 在,我总是很安心。

最令我欣赏的,是他的人品。他是个幽默的人(虽然不是很多人理解他的“Jaye 式幽默”), 也是个善良的人,更不会与别人起无谓的口舌之争,是个非常利落、正派的个性。印象中的 他,不会卸责或推诿责任,不论过程中有多少的阻扰和挑战,都会尽力完成。记得在中国拍 摄真人秀《三男一旅》的时候,非常艰辛的一次拍摄。23 天我们都在赶路;一天傍晚完成 拍摄后我们又立刻驱 往下一站前进,天雨路滑出了 祸,当时就是他临危不乱一把把我拉 到他的方向,我才能免于受伤。所以,于公于私,Jaye 对我来说,都是我在创作路上,一个 不可或缺的伙伴。

近年来,Jaye 越来越忙碌,我们已经很久没合作了啊。 希望能很快地再次合作!”

- Pennie Chew | 周碧妮

Director | 导演

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